Cast the Christmas magic remotely

Download the mobile app for phone or tablet and take full control of the i-illumination lighting. Manage, change modes and have a good time! Now, the Christmas cheer is all in your hands!

The i-illumination Christmas tree lights combine tradition and modernity – you control them using an application installed on your mobile phone.

It’s very simple!

Step 1.

Put the lights on the Christmas tree.

Step 2.

Connect the lights to the mains.

Step 3.

Download the i-illumination app from Google Play or the AppStore.

Step 4.

Connect the lights to your phone in the application’s ‘Settings’ menu.

Step 5.

Set the light intensity in the application.

Step 6.

Enjoy your Christmas, lit up by the Christmas tree! Merry Christmas!

on/off – turn the lights off and on

timer – specify how long the lights are to stay on for

start – indicate the time at which the lights should turn on

end – indicate the time at which the lights will turn off automatically

effects – choose the desired illumination mode for the lights from among the 8 options available

speed – adjust the speed of the effect selected

slider – adjust the intensity of the lighting

The i-illumination app

is available (free of charge)

from Google Play and the AppStore.