i illumination

Lights that radiate the Christmas magic

Check out smart Christmas tree lighting controlled via a mobile app.

All I Want For Christmas is…
i illumination

Christmas is coming. Light your home up today with warm-toned lights and magical decorations. The unique i-illumination Christmas tree lighting will fill your home with a very special mood while providing unforgettable fun at the same time.

Thanks to the special mobile app, you can change the colour and light the animations as you please. It’s a lot of fun for the whole family.

Lamps and illumination available in retail chains in Poland and Europe and on the e-store www.jumi.pl

The magic of Christmas colours

We would have a hard time imagining Christmas without a Christmas tree in our home. The whole ‘Christmas commotion’ revolves around it. It is under the tree where the presents lie and we sing carols next to it…which is why it is worth decorating it beautifully. Attractive baubles, glittering chains and – obviously – moody i-illumination lights in 3 colours to choose from.

Which colour will you choose for your dream arrangement?

  • The Multi-Colour lighting will light up your home with a cheerful and welcoming glow.
  • The Cool White lighting will envelop you in the winter magic like a Snow Queen.
  • The Warm White lighting will add to cosiness and make you feel the Christmas cheer.

Christmas is a fun time!

With i-illumination smart Christmas tree lights, we can guarantee that they will be even more fun and joyful. Thanks to the mobile application, you can choose from an array of lighting modes as abundant as Santa’s bag of gifts. Drive the brightness level like a reindeer sleigh and play with the effect speed as you please. From now on you are in charge of the Christmas lighting command centre!

The i-illumination Christmas tree lights truly provide a wealth of options.

  • They can be hung either indoors or outdoors – they are waterproof and are, therefore, secured against both snow and rain.
  • Choose your preferred number of LEDs – the lights come in the following versions: 200, 300, 500 and 1,000 LEDs.
  • They are available in three colour options: white, warm-white and multi-colour.
  • The power supply adapter enables manual control and choosing from 8 lighting options.
  • The mobile phone app allows controlling up to 6 sets of i-illumination lights at the same time.
  • Using the app, you can control the following: LED brightness, illumination duration, effect speed and effect mode.